What are the different types of false teeth available today?

 Dental Implants

This option is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people look forward to getting a permanent solution for their missing teeth or loose-fitting false teeth. The process involves attaching a metal screw into the jaw bone, which can be used by the dentist for anchoring the new teeth in place. Dental implants are preferred by most patients because they don’t tend to slip or move, which gives the patients a long lasting, more comfortable and convenient experience.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are usually made of a combination of teeth that are held together by an acrylic band or metal. The dentures work by fastening to the natural teeth with the help of metal clasps. As the band adheres to the teeth’s back, it isn’t typically visible from the front. 

Full Dentures

The option of full dentures offers a complete removable set of teeth. The teeth made from acrylic or resin work by fastening to a soft plate fitting against the mouth’s roof. Suction tends to hold these dentures in place, but there are people who prefer using dental adhesives for reducing slipping.

Fixed Bridge

Patients may also opt for a fixed bridge that is composed of a single false tooth, which has a cap or crown attached to any one of its sides. The crowns work by fitting over the natural teeth’s top.



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