Partial dentures can be a good solution to replace missing teeth. With that being said, this solution does come with various advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in a removable partial dentures for your missing teeth, the following information can help you understand some of the benefits and drawbacks.

Modern dentistry now offers a range of options for patients who need to replace one or more missing teeth. Depending on the circumstances, the patient may be able to choose from options that include dental implants, a fixed dental bridge, and removable partial dentures.

A removable partial denture is a dental appliance that consists of one or more replacement teeth attached to a gum-coloured base. The base for dentures can be made from acrylic resin or from a metal alloy and they can be retained in the mouth using clasps or precision attachments.

Advantages of Partial Dentures

  • Can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.
  • Usually the most affordable option for replacing teeth. At Brighton Implant Clinic, we offer partial dentures for as low as £295.
  • Dentures do not require surgery.
  • In most cases, the remaining natural teeth do not need to be prepared for the denture.
  • Fills the gap left by missing teeth to improve the appearance.
  • Partial dentures can help maintain the alignment of the remaining natural teeth.
  • In some cases, more replacement teeth can be added in the future.
  • Some patients might be able to get same-day dentures. With our dental lab, we can offer express dentures that will be completed the same day.

Disadvantages of Partial Dentures

  • While an improvement compared to having a missing tooth, solutions like dental implants and a fixed dental bridge will provide better aesthetic results.
  • Dentures do not last as long as a dental bridge or dental implants.
  • They can be uncomfortable to wear. This is especially true for those who are new to wearing partial dentures.
  • Can affect the wearer’s ability to taste food.
  • Dentures will improve function, but they do not function as well as a fixed dental bridge or dental implants.
  • Removable partial dentures can cause additional wear to the natural teeth in the mouth.
  • Some patients may be more prone to infection with partial dentures.
  • With no root in the jaw, the bone at the location will shrink over time.
  • Since the shape of your mouth may change with time, removable dentures may need to be adjusted or replaced to account for the changes.

Why Dental Implants Offer a Better Solution

Dental implants can offer a solution for a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. With an implant, you have a screw-like post that is inserted into the jaw and a crown that is fixed to the post. Once healed, dental implants are more comfortable than dentures because they perform much in the same way that a natural tooth does. They are secure in place and you can bite, chew, and speak without the same problems that are often associated with dentures.

Dental implants not only function better than a removable partial denture, but they also look better and they offer a better long-term solution. Aside from the possibility of needing adjustments, partial dentures can last from about 5-10 years before they need to be replaced. With dental implants, you have a solution that can easily last beyond ten years. With proper care and no unforeseen complications, they can even last for 25 years or more.

Whether it is partial dentures, dental implants or a fixed dental bridge, Brighton Implant Clinic offers a range of tooth replacement options. Contact Brighton Implant Clinic to schedule a free consultation. We would be pleased to provide you with more information about removable partial dentures and to discuss the options you have for replacing missing teeth.


  • Ingrid says:

    Hi. I would like to ask , if is any discount if I want to have done 2 straight away plz. I mean 2 implants straight away. Thank you.

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Ingrid
      thank you for your enquiry. First I would advise that you see one of our dentists for a FREE assessment. During this appointment we will be able to assess what is the problem and what treatment is required. We will recommend the best treatment for you and will provide you with a detailed price plan showing exactly what the treatment will cost. We provide affordable dental implant treatment and I am sure that you will not find better prices in the UK. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our clinic 0844 815 1414

  • frank fisher says:

    i need a top set at least 10 teeth…can you price that for me..i live in northumberland so i would like some idea how much before i come down..

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Its difficult to give a price for dental implants without knowing more details. We provide a free initial implant assessment in order to assess if dental implants are possible. A detailed report and treatment plan will then be provided which will outline the costs for treatment, number of visits and the time it will take to complete the treatment. For more information please contact our reception team 0844 815 1414