Dental implant placed into bone
Dental implant placed into bone

A dental implant is one of the most conservate solutions available today to replace a missing or damaged tooth. Is it possible to get Teeth Implants On The NHS ? Tooth loss can occur due to accidents, tooth decay, diseases, wear and tear or even old age.

A dental implant is a substitute for a natural tooth; it is fixed into the jaw bone by means of a titanium screw to support a dental bridge, dentures or dental crowns. Each implant is placed according each persons specific needs and it may take some time to plan properly. The dental implant surgery itself is a safe and predictable procedure carrying a success rate of over 95%.

Dental implants on the NHS

However, this type of tooth replacement can be costly and many people are unable to afford this type of treatment. Even though the cost of dental implants has come down during the last couple of years, the cost of dental implants is still prohibitive for many. So many sometimes ask if teeth implants on the NHS is possible ?

Selection Criteria for teeth implants on the NHS.

screw 1 st molar retained copia1
screw 1 st molar retained copia1

It is important to note that teeth implants are not routinely available on the NHS. In very few cases patients who have suffered facial trauma, certain types of cancers or those patients who were born without teeth may qualify for teeth implants on the NHS. Each Primary Care Trust may have a different policy for offering dental implant treatment to patients.

how can you get teeth implants on the NHS

As you start to contemplate on how can you get teeth implants on the NHS you should have knowledge that all treatment that is necessary in your dentist’s opinion to protect and maintain good oral health is available on the NHS. This means the NHS provides any treatment that you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free of pain, these treatments include dentures, crowns and bridges. But there should be dental need for the treatment.

At Brighton Implant Clinic a dental implant costs £995. This includes the cost of the dental implant itself, a standard titanium abutment and final porcelain crown. Even though it may be not be possible to get teeth implants on the NHS it is good to know that affordable dental implant treatment is available at Brighton Implant Clinic


  • Emily says:

    Had recent visitor to clinic to have assessment on my poor health off teeth and gums .. Was advised best way forward was teeth on 4 upper and lower.. Is there any help I can receive nhs exeption card towards costs .. Teeth are affecting my health I have 3 infections detected as well .. Affecting my well being and health .. The site says you can .. Please could you inform me off process many thanks

    • Joanne Cowper says:

      Hi Emily, thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately as we are a private clinic we do not offer any treatment through the NHS. The best thing to do would be to talk to your local NHS dentist or Primary Care Trust for more information on how to apply for treatment. It is correct that dental implants are available on the NHS, but only if there’s medical need for the treatment.

  • Nelson says:

    Hi! Could you please inform me if it’s possible make a treatment with a financial. Thanks

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Nelson, thank you for your inquiry, yes our clinic does provide affordable implant treatment, payments can be spread over the course of the treatment. We also offer monthly payments with 0% interest if needed. Each case needs to be discussed and assessed by a dentist. I would recommend that you visit one of our clinics for a free implant assessment which is carried out with a dentist who has experience in dental implants. If you need any further information please feel free to contact us. You can find more details about our prices here

  • Noleen Jones says:

    Hi, I am 48 and have a top plate of 9 teeth. I am very depressed about my plate and would like a full top set of implants. How much would this cost me? My teeth are perfectly fine it is my gums and bones. Please could you help me I am so desperate and too young for this problem. It has affected my marriage as I have no confidence in myself. Thank you and kind regards

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Noleen
      Thank you for your inquiry. I am sorry to hear of the problems you are having with your teeth. I would recommend that you consider visiting our clinic for a free initial implant assessment. This 1 hour appointment will cover the main problems of your teeth and will include a full detailed treatment plan. Once you know what treatment is best suited for you, a decision can then be made as to how to have the treatment completed. We often recommend second opinions if your problem may be complex. Getting the best possible treatment for your specific needs is very important. If you need any further information or help please do let us know. Regards, bruno


    Hi , im a 49 yr old single woman. Due to bad health had to give up work, but receive DLA monthly payments. Ive recently had two top back teeth extracted by my dentist , not to the fact that anything was wrong witj the teeth as ive allways paid great oral care to them, but to the problems i have with my bone and gums. Is there any payment plan i could save into incase anything else happens to my remining teeth to enable me to afford teeth implants. As my teeth have always been very important to me and o feel very saddend by the whole situation.

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Frances, thanks for your message, sorry to hear about losing two top back teeth. I would recommend that you continue taking great care of your teeth as this is the best way to prolong the life of your natural teeth. Regular appointments with your dentist and hygienist will ensure that your teeth are working for as long as possible. In terms of payment plans I would rather recommend that you speak to your dentist if and when you need teeth to be replaced. If your dentist recommends replacement and if you feel that you need teeth to be replaced then having an implant assessment would be recommended. There are some back molars which are not always ‘replaceable’ with dental implants are they can be too far back in the mouth and many times patients cope quite well without them. Most practices will offer some means of spreading payments if you did need more complex dental procedures. If you need any further information please feel free to contact our clinic.

  • vincent mansfield says:

    hi i lost my top teeth yrs ago and only 7 teeth left on lower.on about 27th jan this yr i had just gone into my local pub ordered my drink and was on way to toilet and was going pay when i came back but next thing i knew i woke up in a ambulance with a drip in my arm the crew said i had a blackout or something like that and just went foreward banging my chest fracturing 3 ribs i must have banged my mouth at same time as some of my teeth are now loose also gums bleed often one tooth dropped out another is very loose i have had dentures in the past but they made my gums bleed and was very sore and caused the gums to keep flaking.i dont remember the last time i actually smiled properly i know it was yrs ago.i am 67yrs i recieve pension and was hoping if possible i could have the implants on nhs.

    • Dr. Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Vincent, sorry to hear about your accident. I would first recomomend that you speak to your local dentist about the options of treatment that are most suitable for you and if implants are one of those options then make inquiries with your dentist if the NHS in our area does provide any cover for this. If you needed any further information please do let us know.

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