Dental Implant Treatment

Today we are going to discuss a case which we treated in our clinic recently.  A young 30 year old female patient came to see us complaining of a problem tooth. A cycling accident a week before the assessment had caused the natural tooth to fracture along the root. The patient was seen by her own dentist who warned her that it was not possible to restore the tooth. The general dentist referred the patient to our clinic for further investigation and possible treatment.

During the initial assessment we used the radiographs which  the referring dentist had taken at the initial appointment. We confirmed that in actually the root was fractured and the tooth needed to be removed. A dental implant was considered as the best solution. The replacement of the natural tooth could be carried out on the same day with a dental implant.

After explaining the procedure in detail we carried out the treatment. The patient chose to have the treatment carried out under local anaesthetic. The tooth was removed carefully to not damage the delicate bone and gum tissues. Immediately afterwards we carefully prepared the area for a dental implant to be placed. The dental implant was placed and fixated into position. The dental implant was stable after the placement which meant that we could load the implant with a provisional crown on the same day.

The patient kept the provisional crown for 4 months while the bone and gum tissues healed around the implant. After the healing period, impressions were again taken and a final definitive crown was made.

Dental implants are an effective and reliable means to replacing natural teeth.

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