Dental implant teeth offer many benefits. Not only will a person be able to have their healthy, beautiful smile back, they also are able to bite and chew their favorite foods again. This is because artificial teeth perform just like natural teeth and patients can maintain them without any special care. If well taken care of, the implant teeth last a lifetime, but the costs of acquiring dental implants are prohibitive, because dental insurance does not usually cover dental implant treatments. NHS teeth implants are available, but the guidelines are very restrictive regarding who is eligible to get them.

Although the NHS does not usually pay for dental implant treatment, there are exceptions to this rule. All treatment necessary to maintain good oral health and protect your teeth, recommended by your dentist, is available via the NHS. If one can prove, with the help of their dentist, that a dental implant is necessary for a clear medical reason, then NHS teeth implants are a possibility. This means that the NHS provides any treatment necessary to keep a person’s mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free of pain, including dental crowns, dental bridges and dentures, as long as the treatment is meant for medical reasons and not for lifestyle or cosmetic purposes.

In 1997, the Royal College of Surgeons produced guidelines for the selection of NHS patients who are eligible to receive teeth implants. Without any order of preference, the first group consists of people who have no teeth in one or both jaws, with the second group being people who still have some teeth in place. The last category consists of people who require replacement of the hard and soft tissues of the face or the skull regions.

Just like other implants, dental surgeons who perform NHS teeth implants must take into consideration important factors before treatment, including the patient’s general health, lifestyle habits like smoking, oral health and available bone.

An inquiry with Brighton Implant Clinic clearly explains a number of reasons why dental implants are expensive. It is important to note that not all dentists are in the position to carry out dental implants, because it is a precise surgical procedure requiring postgraduate training. In addition, the implant procedure is time consuming, sometimes taking more than six months for the dental surgeon to complete the treatments. The operation itself is delicate, and the materials and facilities used are expensive, taking into account the costs of the implants and the crowns.

However, there are ways in which you can get reasonably priced implants without having to compromise on the quality. One example is through a dental school clinic. Some implant centres also offer friendly packages on implants, such as long-term payment arrangements. Those who need dental implant treatments can get them if they look around carefully and spend some time doing their research. In the end, having a healthy smile and optimal quality of life makes it all worthwhile.

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