Dental implantology is the best way to replace missing teeth, because of their success rate, with 98% for lower implants and 91% for upper implants. Generally, over fifty years of clinical and medical research has shown that overall, dental implants success rate is an impressive 98%. Many studies show teeth implantation to be the most reliable method of tooth restoration. However, achieving a positive outcome from dental implantology depends on the careful consideration of many important aspects, including the skills of the dental surgeon, the patient’s overall oral hygiene, as well as the quality and quantity of bone available at the implantation site.

Replacing Missing Teeth

dental implant after healing period

Dental implantology is a form of cosmetic dentistry that involves surgery to replace a missing tooth or teeth with an artificial one. To be exact, dental implants are artificial tooth roots used to support a restoration for a missing tooth or teeth, which helps to stop or even prevent jawbone loss. It is therefore important before undergoing dental implant treatment to research which clinics offer the highest level of dental care. The success of the surgery largely depends on the education and experience of the dentist.

Dental Implant Treatment

screw retained dental implant crown on plaster model before fitting into patients mouth

Your dentist can provide you with information regarding dental implants. At Brighton Implant Clinic we carry out dental implant treatment 6 days per week. Our clinics have been specifically designed for dental implant treatments. Taking the time to find the best clinic to carry out your implant treatment will prove worthwhile during and after the procedure.

screw retained crown positioned in patients mouth, note screw access opening with screw retained crowns

As earlier mentioned, dental implants success rate largely depends on the expertise of the practitioner who is performing the operation. At Brighton Implant Clinic all of our surgeons are highly experienced and have been carrying out dental implant treatment for several years.

A Brighton Implant Clinic we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your dental problems. The dentist will carry out a thorough examination of your mouth, any problems or areas of concerns. During the assessment the dentist may ask several questions to understand the patients expectations of dental implant treatment. A free panoramic radio-graph is taken if required.

the screw access hole is covered with a resin tooth coloured material

Many times CT scans are taken of the affected area in order to obtain a much better understanding of the bone, presence of infections etc

In cases where there is insufficient bone tissue, it will be recommend you undergo a bone grafting procedure. Bone grafting is a necessary, additional surgery that greatly improves the bone density, so the dental surgeon will have a firm and stable foundation in which to place the dental implant. This may increase the costs of the operation and the time it takes to heal, but it is a crucial step for the success and longevity of the implant.

Facial appearance after the implant crown was fitted

The general oral hygiene of the patient should be good in order to enhance the dental implants success rate. Maintaining diligent oral hygiene habits promotes the proper fusing of the implant and bone structure.Once the examination is complete the dentist will formulate a treatment plan outlining clearly what is required for dental implant treatment. If the patient has any doubts our reception team are able to deal with most cases of information needed or post operative instructions afterwards.

For more information about Dental Implantology please feel free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or Call us on 0800 111 6623..

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