How is a gummy smile treated? In most cases, the causes of gummy smile aren’t that serious. But, based on the factors contributing to the condition, there can be some serious underlying oral conditions. For instance, if a person is experiencing a gummy smile because of the abnormal eruption of teeth and unusual development of the jaw, he/she may face the problem of of having an improper bite that eventually affects the long-term health.

For people having a gummy smile, the problem isn’t that big because dentists have effective procedures to treat this condition. After an examination of the mouth, the dentist tries to figure out the nature of the gingival display along with determining potential causes. The dental examination may require conventional or digital impressions of the patient’s teeth as well as gums. In some cases, X-ray imaging can also be a requirement for careful examination of the tooth roots and jaw bone.

If your smile is extremely gummy, you may be referred to a specialist like a periodontist or an oral surgeon. Based on the nature of clinical conditions, the treatment plan for a gummy smile may include some of the following options:

  • For minor cases, the dentists may perform same-day laser treatments.
  • In some cases, a surgical procedure is required for repositioning the lip.
  • The dentist may recommend the use of braces for moving the teeth into more appropriate positions.
  • Another option can be surgical sculpting of the patient’s gingival tissues as well as bone for creating healthier and attractive gum contours.
  • A maxillofacial surgery may also be performed for repositioning the bone.


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