Many people aren’t comfortable when smiling because their pearly whites aren’t white enough. But for some people, a smile can be embarrassing because the look of their upper teeth becomes overshadowed by their gum tissue. If your upper teeth have an extremely short look as compared to the visibility of gingival tissue when smiling, then you most probably have a dental condition known as the gummy smile.

No doubt, gummy smile can have a negative impact on the esthetics of a person who is experiencing it. However, you can always seek help of dental experts at Brighton Implant Clinic to get the condition treated.

What May Cause It?

So, what causes a person’s smile to have this problem?

  • You may have a gummy smile because your teeth had an abnormal eruption. Teeth covered by excessive gum tissue have a shorter appearance, even if they have the appropriate length.
  • The muscle controlling your upper lip’s movement can also be hyperactive, which may result in an unusual lift of your upper lip. As a result of this, your gum tissue show more when smiling.
  • The nature of the growth of your upper jaw bone may also contribute to the development of a gummy smile. For example, if there’s an unusual bulging protrusion of your upper jaw inside the gum tissue, the gummy appearance of your smile is obvious.

The smile line or the teeth displayed when smiling can be established by a couple of factors, which include:

  • The size as well as the shape of your lips.
  • The muscles of your face.
  • Your teeth size and shape.
  • And of course, the gum tissue.

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