Did you know that your mouth is full of bacteria that keep building up on the teeth in a sticky layer, which is referred to as plaque? The foods and drinks you have contain sugars and the bacteria in your mouth digest these sugars while making acids that eventually cause the enamel of your teeth to weaken. Now, if this acid stays there for a longer period of time, it results in decaying of the teeth where it is present.

Of course, it’s impossible to keep your child from having those chocolate and candies forever but you can rather keep an eye to make sure that your child doesn’t have any of these signs indicating the presence of tooth decay:

Signs Your Kid Has Tooth Decay:

  • Frequent toothache, especially after drinking hot or cold beverages. But in some cases, pain isn’t felt unless tooth decay has approached an advanced stage.
  • Visibility of holes or pits in the teeth.
  • A serious problem could be the growth of a tooth abscess, which results from the development of pus caused by a bacterial infection of tooth’s center.
  • Your child complains of pain when biting down.
  • Your child has tooth sensitivity.


Experts suggest that many parents don’t realize that a cavity is forming, which may lead to serious damage to oral hygiene. Therefore, taking your child to the dentist for regular checkups is important to spot tooth decay and get it treated before the health of your child is compromised. However, recent surveys have revealed that making frequent visits to the dentist isn’t just enough to prevent the damage. Parents have to make sure that they are taking their child to a reliable and qualified dentist who is competent enough to provide the best solutions for protection against cavities, tooth decay and overall oral hygiene.

At Brighton Implant Clinic, our dentists conduct thorough regular checkups that are not only aimed at examining teeth for signs of decay, but also checking bite patterns in order to make sure that your child can chew properly. We also look into other areas by inspecting the jaw joints and surrounding structure for possible problems. We believe that early detection of oral problems is the best way of ensuring successful dental implant treatment.

For More information about Tooth Decay Please fee free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or Call us on 0800 111 6623.

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