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Kamagra oral jelly purchase at the airport. Police said that at around 3.30 am on Monday, the driver of a BMW car stopped for drink near Dhupguri, a village 40,000 km away from Hyderabad that has a population of around 150,000. The driver had just consumed a bottle of the sweet-smelling substance that was meant for women who need it to control their period. But he Purchase zovirax pills ended up having the urge to indulge in what is known as karuna, or female ejaculation, which resulted in his death. In India, only two people have died after taking the drug in several years. But it has emerged that is relatively easy to consume and cheap, according a police report. Dilip Tiwari was the most recent such death -- in October, he consumed karuna as pills from the backseat of a moving car near Hyderabad. Police found that there were no prescription bottles and medical documentation for karuna pills. The local pharmacology department said no tablets to be used as karuna pills are manufactured in the region and they cannot be imported either. "We could not produce any prescription bottles for it (karuna) in the pharmacy here," an assistant medical officer told The Indian Express. The report added that drugs being consumed were not for women who are suffering from period pain, but the drug is commonly sold to men who are using it for sex as lubricant. "It is easy to obtain a bottle of karuna pills as women from other states sell them and they have the names of pharmacist, etc and the amount of karuna tablets they have been given... but our state does not have such thing," a medical officer said. The victim's brother has filed a complaint with the police claiming that one of his friends and the driver used to procure karuna pills at a friend's shop. He said the friend was a non-resident Indian (NRI) and that there was no prescription from the pharmacist involved. "He (pipeline driver) was a NRI and when he brought karuna pills to the friend, whom he knew, had no proof that it was for sex but asked him to go with for it. But he said it was his friend and right. When the went with him, driver came at them," the brother has alleged, adding that there was no attempt to check the quantity used or quality of the drug. He said that his brother was found dead and the driver was arrested because passenger and driver had both been drunk. Officials from the local police station said that the driver was on a parole and the woman had no permit to stay out after consuming karuna. The new year brought with it an assortment of headlines suggesting that 2016 was going to be a watershed year in the fight against drug war. most prominent of these came from Rolling Stone, which had its cover story printed this November. Its cover story began by recounting a visit from the drug czar to a "drug war's first casualty" – Michael Vick, whose recent conviction for running a dogfighting ring while high school football star was quickly overturned on appeal after his legal team discovered a photo in which he was posing with dogs that would later be described by the judge as an "animal farm". "Even Vick's criminal trial wrapped up in December, the dog-"

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