Dental Implant Abroad

So you are considering having dental implants…? Your dentist told you about all the advantages of dental implants and then you heard the cost ! Now you start to think about dental implant abroad ? Dental implants are the smartest way of replacing lost or damaged teeth. Dental implants have been around since the early eighties however they have not been used widely in the UK since the price of dental implant has been somewhat high for the general population. The cost of dental implants has meant that many are unable to afford this fantastic solution for replacing lost or damaged teeth. Many patients have opted to get dental implants abroad. The clinics abroad have offered competitive pricing and have generally offered good standards of care for the majority of cases however is it the right choice for your dental implant treatment ?

Dental implant treatment

Dental Implant Abroad

Having a dental implant is a little more complex than having say a tooth removed or a tooth filled. Any dentist that tells you that there is no chance of anything going wrong or being more complex is not telling you the truth. As much is we would like to think that the dental implant process is a simple and predictable one, there is always cases which take longer or are more complex than others.

One needs to consider the whole process of traveling abroad and having this treatment carried out, what would happen if you needed more care or wanted to check with the surgeon if all was ok. Would you be able to get a flight to the clinic every time it was necessary to have a review of your treatment. ?

Dental Implant Abroad

The cost of the dental implant treatment may be higher when you take into account the cost of air fare, accommodation, airport transfers etc. At Brighton Implant Clinic we offer dental implants at a very competitive price. Dental implants cost only £995 per tooth. This price includes the dental implant, the final abutment and a porcelain crown. We offer a best price promise that we are the most affordable clinic for dental implants in the UK. There is no need for patients to travel for dental implants abroad as we offer better prices for dental implants in the UK. All of our treatments are guaranteed in the UK and all our dentists and surgeons are registered with the General Dental Council. If you would like a no obligation estimate for dental implant treatment why not give us a call and make that appointment.

For more information please feel free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or Call us on 0800 111 6623.

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