The team at Brighton Implant Clinic is pleased to congratulate Dr Anuruddha Amarasinghe on a recent accomplishment.

In an effort to continue growing as a professional, Dr Amarasinghe completed a postgraduate course on Implant Dentistry at the Faculty of General Dentist Practice (FGDP).

About Dr Amarasinghe

Dr Anurrudha Amarasinghe

Dr Amarasinghe started his career upon graduating from the College of Dental Surgery in Manipal, India in 2001. Following his graduation, Dr Amarasinghe worked for nine years as a private practitioner in his home country of Sri Lanka.

After nine years of continued practice in Sri Lanka, Dr Amarasinghe moved to the UK. In 2011, he joined the team at Worthing Dental Centre, and he has been serving the residents of Worthing and the surrounding community ever since.

With an interest in oral surgery and restorative dentistry, Dr Amarasinghe decided to continue his education by taking an implant dentistry course at the FGDP.

About the Implant Dentistry Course

Dental Implant Model

The FGDP(UK) of The Royal College of Surgeons England, provides evidence-based guidance and standards for the whole of the dental profession in order to promote high quality practice and patient care.’

In this course, Dr Amarasinghe had the chance to develop new skills while studying under some of the best dental implant professionals in Europe.

Now that Dr Amarasinghe has completed this course, he will be able to perform a range of dental implant procedures. The course covered both the theory behind dental implant treatment and the practical application of the procedures. In completing this course, Dr Amarasinghe received a comprehensive education on implant dentistry to cover everything from the assessment of patients and planning to the placement of implants and the recovery stage.

Beyond learning the science behind implant dentistry and developing his skills as a professional, the course at the FGDP has also taught Dr Amarasinghe more about the patient side of the practice. With the knowledge and experience he gained through this course, he is now better equipped to educate patients about implant dentistry and the options they have for restorations.

About Worthing Dental Centre

Worthing Dental Centre

Worthing Dental Centre opened its doors in 2005 and it provides a wide range of dental treatments to the residents of Worthing and those living in the surrounding area. The team at Worthing Dental Centre welcomes NHS patients for a wide range of dental health services.

With his expanded knowledge and new skills, Dr Amarasinghe hopes to continue providing patients at Worthing Dental Centre with high-quality care.

If you need dental treatment, do not hesitate to contact the team from Worthing Dental Centre. We offer a wide range of dental healthcare services to include everything from examinations to dental implant treatment.

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