Titanium tooth implants are the best method of teeth restoration, other available options of dealing with lost teeth are fixed dental bridges and removable dentures, these alternative options have adverse effects on the dental health of an individual with removable dentures having to rest on the gums thus causing discomfort. It can then be put to rest that dental implants remain the best, with advancements on the technique being carried out day to day so as to deliver lasting solutions. A tooth implant is a titanium metal replacement for a root of a tooth that is implanted in the jawbone. As the mouth heals taking approximately three to six months after the surgery, the bone around the implant fuses to the implant, the implants are used to anchor crowns after the healing has occurred.


Titanium tooth implants is a well established technique with a general success rate of 95%, the process of implantation is painless and causes little or no discomfort at all. Titanium fuses well with the body tissue, titanium implants heal with the jaw until they become part of the jaw itself with all the same elements you would expect from a functioning body part including links to the bodies nervous and circulation systems. Another reason is that titanium has very high strength, we exert a lot of pressure when chewing and so it is important for the teeth replacement material to be as strong as possible, titanium strength matches that of common low grade steel alloys. It is also tough and cannot warp, bend or buckle when pressure is exerted.


Titanium as an element is corrosion resistant in that acids, chlorine elements in water and fluorine together with its compounds, which are major ingredients in most teeth cleaning products do not corrode titanium. Titanium forms a passive oxide layer when it comes into contact with any oxygen property which serves to enhance its corrosion resistance property. The strength to weight ratio of titanium is very high, this feature separates titanium from other high strength materials such as steel, and it has a low density.


In terms of cost,titanium tooth implants are also not expensive, when comparing the benefits of implants against the other options of teeth restorations, it will be found out that teeth implant is cost-effective in the long run.

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