Fixed Dental Bridge on Natural Teeth

This is also known as a ‘bridge’ and is different from a removable denture in that it is Fixed on the natural teeth. A Fixed Dental Bridge is not removable as it is cemented onto the adjacent natural teeth with dental cement. The Fixed Dental Bridge is made of metal and porcelain.

Missing Teeth can be replaced by Dental Implant Bridge

Advantages of Fixed Dental Bridge


  1. A fixed Dental bridge is a cost effective method to replace a missing tooth and costs less than a dental implant Price ( £265 per tooth for more information see our price list ).
  2. The procedure can be completed within 2 weeks, there fore it takes more time than a denture but less time than an implant to be completed.
  3. A Bridge is aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Very comfortable, doesn’t move like a denture.
  5. No surgery is needed, some may consider it simpler than placing an implant.
  6. Does not cover the roof of the mouth like a removable denture.
  7. Does not affect the taste of food.


Very comfortable, doesn’t move like a denture.

Disadvantages of Fixed Dental Bridge


  1. If the tooth is not root treated it may result in the adjacent teeth becoming sensitive to hot and cold.
  2. Not as hygienic as a dental implant, cleaning underneath a bridge can be difficult for some patients.
  3. Can be affected by decay, the margins of the bridge can become decayed over time, reducing the lifespan of the bridge.

Below are some images of Fixed Dental Bridges

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