Xylitol and Your Oral Health

Xylitol is basically a sugar alcohol, coming from birch bark and serving as an alternative sweetener. It can play an important role in the prevention of cavities and is often used by diabetics for sweetening foods.

It’s highly useful in promoting oral health as well as preventing plaque and bacterial build-up on the teeth. Studies have shown that foods and oral health products with adequate amounts of the alternative sweetener in them can be highly effective in reducing the rate of cavity development in children and adults alike. It can also he highly effective in the prevention of the onset or development of gingivitis.

So, what are some sources?

Xylitol can be found in the fibers that are present in vegetables as well as fruits, which includes, raspberries, mushrooms, yellow plums, cauliflower as well as lettuce. As far as vegetables and fruits are concerned, the alternative sweetener makes up only less than a single percent. The alternative sweetener is also added to many gums and toothpastes because of its known benefits for oral health.

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