What is Cheilosis?

Let’s discuss what is Cheilosis? While a smile can play an important role in alleviating stress, it can be a stress itself if there are cracks around a person’s smile. Yes, this is exactly what happens to people with cheilosis, which is also referred to as angular cheilitis. The condition involves cracking of the skin surrounding the mouth corners. It usually results from a yeast infection in the mouth region, which is known as candidiasis.

Who’s at risk?

People who wear complete or partial dentures

Individuals who are overweight

People suffering from diabetes

People with a low immunity

Tips to cope with Cheilosis

If you think you may have this condition or you’re at risk of developing cheilosis, you should follow these tips. Remember, the condition can be prevented and managed to a great extent with proper good denture habits.

  • Always make sure that your dentures are kept free of food.
  • Ensure regular cleaning of dentures and soak them at night, using a denture cleaner.
  • Make sure that you remove your dentures at night.

There are certain measures that can be taken to cope with dryness associated with cheilosis:

Make sure that you’re sipping water on a frequent basis.

Avoid smoking as much as possible.

Avoid alcoholic beverages.

Talk to your dentist or doctor about the use of a saliva substitute or some other medication.


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