Let’s discuss what happens inside your mouth and how it effects your oral health. In order to know the mechanism of dental decay, it is very important to learn about the processes going on inside the mouth. Some of them are listed below:

Secretion of saliva: – Saliva is normally continuously secreted inside the mouth by the salivary glands. The basic function of saliva is to protect our oral health. The saliva helps in chewing by mixing with food; provides moisture to teeth, gums, tongue, etc; and also mixes certain enzymes with food which help in digestion. Moreover, saliva has anti-bacterial properties and keeps the acid- level inside the mouth under control to prevent decay.

Plaque formation: – Plaque is a tooth damaging substance which builds up on the teeth. Plaque is formed by the combination of bacteria with food particles and grows as bacteria multiply. If the teeth are not properly cleaned and the plaque is allowed to stay for a long duration of time, it causes cavity formation and eventually leads to tooth loss.

Development of calculus: – Plaque buildup, if left untreated, starts absorbing minerals present in the saliva. New layers of plaque are formed by crystallization of the minerals and it continues to grow, ultimately converting into a hard calculus.

Role of bacteria: – Several species of bacteria are always present inside the mouth and play an important role in the process of dental decay. Notable tooth destroying bacteria include Streptococcus mutans, Lactobacilli, etc.

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