What Do You Know About Trench Mouth?

Trench mouth is basically a painful oral health problem that affects the gums, causing ulcerations of the gingival tissues. The condition is also known as Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis or ANUG and can be really serious if not treated on time.  One of the major culprits of this disease is poor oral hygiene as well as nutritional deficiency.

How to Tell If You Have The Condition?

The signs of ANUG start showing up suddenly, worsening at a rapid pace in a short span of time. The initial signs typically are:

  1. Inflammation of the gums or painful gums
  2. Experiencing halitosis or having a foul taste in your mouth

Signs that start showing up later include the following:

  1. Gum irritation followed by bleeding of the gums
  2. Difficulty in chewing or swallowing foods
  3. Gums being affected by crater-like ulcers
  4. Appearance of a gray film on the gums, developed as a result of decomposed gum tissue.
  5. Damaged gum tissue surrounding the teeth. Gum tissues between teeth start getting infected and eventually die. In most cases, only the dead gum tissue remains.
  6. Head and neck having inflamed lymph nodes.
  7. Experiencing fever or fatigue.

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