What Causes Immature Swallow?


Almost every child exhibits a swallowing pattern characterized by tongue protrusion, but this pattern eventually normalizes as the child turn around six years old. People with the problem of tongue thrust naturally have an abnormal swallow pattern, which causes the tongue to protrude through the anterior incisors while swallowing, speaking and even when keeping the tongue at rest.


What Causes The Problem?


There are a number of factors that contribute to the problem. One of the major causes of the condition is macroglossia or enlarged tongue. Thumb sucking and large tonsils are yet two other factors that have a connection with this condition. There are certain hereditary factors as well that can become the cause of immature swallow. Tongue tie, nasal congestion as well as allergies can make the tongue lie low in the mouth as a result of breathing obstruction, which certainly acts as another contributing factor to tongue thrusting.


What is the treatment?


Generally, two approaches are suggested for treating the condition. The sufferer has the option of placing an appliance like a night guard in the mouth during sleep hours or may consider wearing a permanent device that can be adjusted and removed by the dentist. Another option is seeking the help of habit training, which involves re-educating the muscles related to swallowing by altering the swallowing pattern. This is mostly performed by an experienced therapist.

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