Upper Fixed Teeth With Dental Implants

I would like to share this interesting case which we completed in our clinic recently. This patient came to see us with a main complaint of failing natural teeth on the upper arch. The natural teeth had over time become mobile and were unstable. The patient had dental implants before and was looking to have the natural teeth replaced with dental implants. The patient was in good health and was assessed for dental implant treatment in our clinic. The existing implants were functioning very well and we decided to integrate them into the new plan. A treatment plan was devised which would involve the placement of new implants to replace 8 upper teeth. During an appointment with sedation the natural teeth were removed and dental implants placed during the same appointment.

Using our in house dental laboratory we were able to make a same day fixed provisional bridge. This bridge was loaded on the same day ( about 4-6 hours ) after dental implant surgery. The patient was able to return home with fixed teeth on the same day. The dental implants were left for 4 months to integrate fully. During this time the patient was able to use the teeth to eat normally ( but always being cautious to eat soft foods especially during the healing phase ) Four months after the surgery the patient returned to have the treatment completed. New impressions were taken and a definitive bridge was completed. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos. Many thanks to our understanding and most co-operative patient, clinical team, dentists and dental laboratory technicians.


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