Founded in 1981 as Nobelpharma and later renamed in 1996, Nobel Biocare is a company that operates in the field of dental implants and provision of aesthetic dental solutions. There are different types of Nobel dental implants that include:-

  1. The Nobel Active- the Nobel Active dental implant has high initial stability even in compromised bone situations as its new surface technology contains bone condensing properties allowing for optimal placement. Nobel Active also has a built-in platform shifting with dual-function prosthetic connections.
  2. Nobel Direct- The Nobel Direct dental implant is a one-piece design that enables variability in vertical placement and easy procedural placement with less grinding. However, safety concerns have arisen over this type of implant with reports that it causes a greater amount of bone loss than earlier types of dental implants. It is recommended that Nobel Direct should be used with a little bit of caution.
  3. The Branemark System- This is the first and most versatile implant system used for over forty years with proven clinical success. Branemark implants are used in conjunction with zygoma dental implants; it simplifies even the most difficult cases. It is one of the most scientifically documented implant systems with a history going as far as fifty years ago.
  4. Nobel Speedy- Nobel Speedy dental implants are specially designed for increased initial stability in soft bone. Due to its slightly tapered design, Nobel implants provides good initial stability and is an implant commonly used for immediate function.
  5. Nobel Replace- This type of Nobel Biocare Implants enables simplified dental implant procedures and has been clinically suited for almost all indications. The Nobel Replace implant family composes of both parallel-walled implants and tapered implants.
  6. The Nobel Perfect- the Nobel Perfect dental implant is unique in regard to aesthetics; it is the first implant that replicates natural anatomy with a scalloped design. This design supports the interproximal bone ridge, encourage soft tissue attachment and make natural soft tissue contours possible with implants, thus a complete elimination of’ black triangles.

The main focus of the company is on the development, production and marketing of Nobel Biocare implants, crowns and bridges as well as veneers and laminates with the aim of providing lasting solutions to current and emerging problems in tooth restoration and aesthetic dentistry.

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