So, you’re all set to follow the latest trend of getting your tongue pierced with those shiny studs and barbells. But do you know that piercing can seriously affect your dental as well as your overall health? So, what are the risks of getting your tongue pierced?

Your teeth may get chipped

Yes, piercing can chip your teeth. There are many instances where the person getting tongue piercing chips the teeth as he/she talks, chews or sleeps with the tongue jewelry on.

Swollen Tongue

What could be worse than having a swelling in your tongue as a result of piercing? At times, the same swelling can result in closing off the airway while preventing breathing. Some people have even choked on tongue jewelry.

The risk of infections

As your tongue has a lot of bacteria, an infection in the oral cavity can follow serious infectious diseases. What if the needle used for piercing isn’t sterile? Do you know that using unsterilized needles carries the risk of contracting diseases like hepatitis and HIV?

What about allergic reactions?

Yes, there are cases when tongue piercing can lead to allergic reactions as many people react to some metals.

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