If you find a visit to the dentist rather daunting, you aren’t alone. A recent study has shown that one in four adults fear the idea of going to the dentist. While different people may fear the dentist to varying degrees, some people avoid visiting the dentist altogether, most likely because they suffer from what is known as a “dental phobia”.

Why should dental phobia be tackled?

Dental phobia is essentially an extreme case of fear concerning visits to the dentist and dental treatment. The anxieties are strong enough to cause some people to avoid getting regular check-ups or proper dental treatment.

However, this phobia could potentially lead to bad oral health. Having regular check-ups with your dentist is the best way to keep your oral health in check. Without the awareness that check-ups with a dentist can provide you, the chances of poor oral health could be higher.

Not only does poor oral health affect your mouth; it can affect your overall health as well. Both physical and mental health problems could be affected, such as lowered self-esteem and confidence.

Why dentistry may not be as scary as you think

If you have a dental phobia, chances are it has been quite a while since your last visit. In recent years, dental equipment and medicines have been steadily improving. The advances in these fields allow dentists to decrease the likelihood of both pain and complications.

For those whose fear of the dentist stems from pain, professionals can administer a local anaesthetic slowly and carefully. The anaesthetic numbs the area to which it has been applied – meaning you won’t be able to feel any pain in that area.

Another advancement involves the dentists themselves. They have generally become a lot more aware and sensitive towards people with dental phobia than in the past. Dentists and other medical professionals now have the training to help patients deal with the pain and anxiety that can come with treatment, just one of the many things that contribute to a more painless procedure.

At Brighton Implant Clinic, we recognise how difficult it can be for patients to even walk into a dental clinic. Please don’t be afraid to inform us about any dental fears you may have. We aim to make every experience as friendly and comfortable as possible.

9 ways to make a procedure less daunting

There are many ways that you would be able to lessen anxiousness at your dental appointment. Below are nine examples of how you as a patient can easily make the experience a lot more comfortable;

1: Choose a dentist you feel confident with

We have a vast number of dental professionals working for our team, all of which are highly professional and dedicated. We will work to find the one that makes you feel most at ease.

2: Try to book an early morning appointment

scheduling appointment

If you are a little worried about booking an appointment, we would recommend scheduling for an earlier time if possible. That way, you will have less time to worry about your approaching visit.

3: Do not feel afraid to ask questions beforehand

know about your treatment

It is always best to be prepared and be in the know about your treatment. We are here to help and will tell you anything you need to know. We will also keep you informed about what we are doing each step of the way.

4: Bring somebody with you

stay relaxed

We certainly don’t mind if you bring a friend along with you to your appointment. Try to bring somebody who isn’t afraid of the dentist and can help you stay relaxed.

5: Distract yourself while you are waiting

waiting for your appointment

While you are waiting for your appointment or for your dentist to set up, try occupying your brain. Try reading a magazine, watching a video or playing your favorite game on your phone. If your mind is engaged in another activity, you are less likely to worry.

6: Listen to some relaxing music

music reduces stress

Research has shown that music reduces stress and eases anxiety. Choose something soothing to listen to, such as classical or light jazz.

You can also check out the best anxiety apps of 2019 by Healthline. The article showcases a list of anxiety-reducing apps that you can download to your phone.

7: Inhale and exhale deeply and steadily

breathing techniques

It should not be surprising that there are many breathing techniques to reduce your anxiety. See 6 Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less on greatist.com to find the breathing technique that works best for you.

8: Signal to your dentist

Signal to your dentist

We would recommend you agree on a signal with your dentist to stop if you are feeling too uncomfortable. There may be a point in the procedure when you cannot communicate verbally with your dentist. Therefore, it is necessary that you can communicate through non-verbal means such as movement. Your dentist or hygienist can then give you a moment to recover before they continue.

9: Ask us about sedation

Ask us about sedation

We can use sedation for more involved procedures, and those with extreme dental phobia. In these cases, we typically use intravenous conscious sedation to help ease pain and anxiety.

As a leading dental health clinic, Brighton Implant Clinic is renowned for its cosmetic restorations and achievements in dental implant cases. We offer dental implant treatments that can be suitable for replacing everything from a single tooth to an entire row of teeth. Dr Silva and his team promise to provide their patients with first-class dentistry and only the best in patient care – be that in routine procedures, cosmetic treatments, or complex dental implant surgery.

We offer personalised dental care to fit your individual needs and preferences. We specialise in dental implant surgery, and we provide patients with high-quality results for the most affordable price possible. Book your appointment here today.

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    Anna Thornton says:

    Choosing a dentist that you have confidence in and trust is the most important. I didn’t mind dentists until I had a bad experience but when I started to be treated by Bruno and also Diana another dentist at the practice I totally got over my phobia. Trust and confidence on who is treating you. Xx

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