Dentists are important people in the society as dental issues will never cease to exist and make people seek their help and counsel. Many people fear them because of the old adage that a visit to see them has always resulted in a painful experience. Many people have been told by their parents how painful the visit to a dentist is. This has passed from generation to generation, by doing so even when the medical world has made tremendous steps towards making dental treatment simplified and interesting we still cling to the belief that dentists are social enemies. A visit to the dentist has been used as a means to coax children to do as we desire.


Dentists are also known as dental surgeons; they are doctors who have taken medical studies that specialize in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infections and diseases that affect the general oral cavity. They work hand in hand with other organs of dentistry to deliver quality oral health care. This includes such people as dental therapists, dental technicians, dental hygienists and also dental assistants.


As we know mouth and general oral cavity is very important as we use the mouth to communicate eat and even at times breathe. So the importance of a dentist cannot be very much emphasized but we all agree that they are very much needed by the society. Not only do they treat our ailing tooth but they also contribute to the development and innovations of medical procedures that sort out arising medical issues.


Dentist undergo many years of studies and training to ensure that they deliver quality to patients though this doesn’t assure the patients that they will carry this to the dentistry practical practice so the patients need to choose carefully. To be a qualified dentist then you need to complete a bachelor’s degree for at least 6 years and you also meet the minimum passing grades, as a diploma is not accepted by various dental associations all over the world.


At most they are awarded a doctor of dental surgery or a doctor of dental medicine after successful completion of the studies. Before they are admitted to dental school they have to undergo admission tests and ensure that they pass, so it means that the dentists that we have in the market are very qualified and will always adhere to the medical code of conduct. They are usually updated as new innovations come up and have to be up to date as also new infections arise.

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