Teeth whitening strips are the modern day invention that produce miraculous results for people using them. These strips provide a superior and less messy whitening system for your teeth. Teeth whitening strips are flexible, thin, clear pieces of polyethylene or plastics and have one side covered with a thin film of hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching agent.

Whitening strips are easy to use and are put on the teeth then gently pressed into place. Usually, these strips require thirty minutes and are then taken out and discarded. The duration of the treatment depends on the condition of teeth as well as the product you are using. If the course requires 2 weeks, the strips are coated with 6% of bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide, however, in case of a 10 day whitening course, 10% of bleaching agent is used.

While whitening strips are a good DIY method for getting that perfect smile, the results are not as quick as you would obtain at Brighton Implant Clinic. There are some treatments given by the dentists at Brighton Implant Clinic that can provide miraculous results in just a single visit. Whatever method you use, don’t forget to consult with a highly experienced dentist at Brighton Implant Clinic to prevent serious oral health conditions.


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