Here are 4 things your child should know about “teeth-healthy” food choices.

Eat your greens

As a parent, it is your job to make your child develop a habit and love for fruit and vegetables. Your child should preferably snack on fruits and veg with high water content, which are better than sweeter options like raisins and bananas in terms of oral health.

Say Cheese Please!

Did you know that cheese is good for your child’s oral health? Options like cheddar, Swiss cheese etc can play an important role in triggering saliva flow, which eventually helps in washing particles of food away from the teeth.

Sticky is yucky!

Discourage your child to snack frequently on sticky foods like granola bars, cookies, jelly beans, raisins or caramel as these foods tend to stick to the teeth. This can create problems for saliva to wash the sugar away. If they do snack on sticky foods, they should brush their teeth immediately, which is why it is always a good idea to serve sugary and sticky foods as meals, not as snacks.

Munching in between meals

Munching in between meals is never a good idea and therefore, children should be encouraged to limit their snacking moments throughout the day. This is particularly useful in discouraging frequent snacking on pops, chocolates and candies.

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