What Your Teeth Say About Your Health?

Did you know that your oral health has an indirect connection with your chances of developing certain diseases and health conditions? This is some information about what your teeth say about your health.


There are certain gum diseases that can severely damage your gums while allowing bacteria to get into your bloodstream. In case, a person has a damaged heart valve or a weak immune system, a gum disease can even lead to an infectious disease in other body parts like endocarditis, which is an infection of the heart’s inner lining.

Heart Problems

Recent research has revealed that cardiovascular diseases, clogged arteries as well as stroke may have a link with oral bacteria, perhaps because of chronic inflammation resulted from periodontitis , which is a serious gum disease.

Pregnancy and birth issues

Now, many people might not know this but several studies have revealed a strong connection between gum disease and premature birth as well as low birth weight.


Diabetics typically have a reduced body resistance to infection, which puts the gums at risk. Moreover, people having insufficient control of blood sugar are more likely to develop severe gum infections. These people also have increased chances of losing more teeth as compared to people having adequate blood sugar control.


Oral health issues like painful mucosal lesions are commonly experienced by people having HIV/AIDS.


Osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens the bones in the body and the condition may have some link with periodontal bone loss as well as tooth loss.

Alzheimer’s disease

There aren’t many people who know that tooth loss before a person turns 35 increases his chances to develop Alzheimer’s disease.


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