Teeth cleaning is an integral part of dental care and oral hygiene it may involve such activities as removing plaques so as to avert the risk of dental caries, gum infection and other related diseases brought about by the bacteria in the mouth. Clean teeth not only assures us a germ free mouth but also keeps our breath fresh thereby stimulating confidence and self esteem when addressing mates and family. People tend to clean their teeth by brushing, Interdental cleaning and the hardened surfaces which are impossible to remove by cleaning are therefore removed by hygienists.

The main ways of cleaning our teeth are by scrubbing, brushing and flossing.


We all learned cleaning our teeth when we were young using brushes. The problem was that we learned the wrong way and that is the reason why even in our adult hood we still brush our teeth and bleed even if we don’t have gum diseases, some of us even have been affected by diseases due to the fact that they have been employing the wrong methods. Unfortunate enough some of us have passed it to our kids by teaching them the wrong ways on how to do it. We often use toothbrushes and if effectively used then it will keep plaque buildup under control, and if you can afford then go for the electronic tooth brushes.


Cleaning in between the teeth is very effective as it reduces the chances of the bacteria in the mouth having food to feed on and produce acids which eat up the enamel. Use of such tools as tooth pick may well enhance flossing and intedental cleaning.


Some people especially in the African society still cling on using a twig to clean their teeth. The twig takes the place of the tooth brush and he sap acts as the toothpaste.

Consider the following when cleaning your teeth.

Do not clean your teeth immediately after eating as some foods such as citrus have acids which are known to erode away the enamel and by doing so you wash it away.

Make teeth cleaning a hobby and a habit as this will ensure that you have clean teeth all the time.

Do not clean your teeth until you bleed.

Always consult your dentist on how to clean your teeth professionally.


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