Tartar And Your Teeth

Calculus or tartar is hardened plaque on your teeth. Tartar can be formed underneath or at the gumline and may irritate your gum tissues. Due to tartar, plaque grows on more surface area, which can result in more serious oral health conditions, such as gum disease and cavities.

Tartar formation not only threatens your oral health but it can also lead to a cosmetic problem. Being more porous, tartar easily absorbs stains. So, if you love sipping coffee or tea, or if you are a smoker, it is very important to take measures to prevent tartar formation.

Tartar is characterized by a mineral formation that is quite easily visible if it is built up above the gumline. If you have tartar built up on your teeth, you are most likely to see brown or yellow color on your teeth or gums. You should consult a specially trained dental professional at Brighton Implant Clinic to get rid of tartar.

Maintaining a proper dental hygiene can help protect tartar formation. This includes brushing with tartar control toothpaste and flossing on a daily basis to prevent plaque and tartar formation.

Once tartar has built up, it is only a professional dentist who can remove it. A dentist uses a process known as scaling to remove tartar from your teeth. Scaling requires the use of special instruments to eliminate tartar from the teeth.


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