Surgical Procedures In Dentistry

There are several dental conditions which require surgical intervention in addition to the traditional treatment methods. The surgical procedures in dentistry are mainly performed on teeth, jaw bones and the surrounding structures.

So, what are the types?

The common surgical procedures are:

1.     Endodontic surgery: Surgery is performed on the root or pulp of the tooth.

Root canal surgery:

o   Pulpotomy. This is performed prior to root canal treatment. The pulp of teeth is opened and infected material is drained out.

o   Pulpectomy. Also performed prior to root canal treatment, the pulp of the tooth is taken out to relieve pain.

o   Apicoectomy. The terminal part of root in the jaw, known as apex, is resected in order to remove the diseased part completely.

2.     Prosthodontic surgery: Dental prosthetic procedures.


3.     Orthodontic surgery:


4.   Periodontic Surgery:  

It involves procedures of the supporting structures of teeth which include the gingiva (gums), alveolar bone, and the periodontal ligament.


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