Sugar Free Gum For Teeth

Here’s another reason to chew your favorite flavored sugar-free gum every day. Yes, chewing sugar-free gum can actually help decrease your chances of developing caries by stimulating the saliva production in your mouth. As a result of this stimulation, plaque acids that lead to tooth decay are neutralized.

Studies have shown that individuals who chew sugar-free gum three times throughout the day have lower chances of developing caries, thereby, reducing the risk by around 40% as compared to those who don’t follow this chewing practice.  For the enhancement of salivary protection during the dental caries attack, your mouth needs a stimulant‚ which is where a sugar-free gum comes into play.  Chewing the gum for around twenty minutes after having meals or snacks offers the stimulus required.

Because of the stimulated saliva flow in your mouth, sugars and damaging acids can be easily cleared from and around the teeth. Furthermore, the plaque microflora stops producing greater amounts of acid. Therefore, stimulated saliva plays an important role in reducing the overall caries susceptibility of the person chewing the gum. So the next time, you grab a pack of sugar-free gum for having a refreshed breath, think about the other oral health benefits your gum carries with it.


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