How Can I Strengthen My Teeth And Gums?


Here are some effective tips that’ll help you strengthen your teeth and gums:


Regular Brushing                                                                                                   

While just about everyone knows about the importance of brushing teeth on a regular basis, there are a very few people who develop the habit of brushing at least two times a day. Not only does this habit avoid the buildup of plaque but it also protects your gums from certain diseases.


The Dos and Don’ts of Your Diet

-       Did you know that good oral health has a strong connection with the foods that you consume? There are certain foods and beverages that are high in acid or sugar and aren’t good for your teeth. While natural sugars like those present in vegetables and fruits are good, foods that contain refined sugars like those present in colas or candies are extremely hazardous.

-       Another important step is to manage your diet by including foods that play an important role in promoting growth in gums and teeth. Dairy foods like yogurt, milk and cheese are rich in calcium that plays an important role in strengthening the teeth.

-       Research has shown grapefruit is beneficial for keeping your gums strong. Moreover, fruits like kiwis, cranberry and lime also improve your oral health by killing oral bacteria.

-       You may also consider using supplements to maximize the benefits acquired from a proper diet. There are some fluoride supplements that are aimed at strengthening teeth by rebuilding teeth enamel.


Visiting Your Dentist

A very important step toward the health and strength of your teeth is to schedule an appointment with your dentist every six months. At Brighton Implant Clinic, our qualified dentists conduct a thorough teeth examination in order to detect any weakness in your gums or teeth.

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