No doubt, snorkeling is a great way of enjoying your vacation- especially when you love doing things that are both exciting and fun. But, what if you’re wearing dentures? You may question can I enjoy snorkeling with dentures? Will the experience remain as enjoyable as it used to be without dentures?

So, what’s the fear?

For most people wearing dentures, snorkeling doesn’t feel like something they would enjoy because they fear losing or damaging their dentures while snorkeling. Some people think that the dentures will worsen the whole experience by making them feel uncomfortable. At the end of the day, snorkeling has a lot to do with the mouth. So, the thought of having the denture pulled out while removing the snorkel mouthpiece sounds like a common fear. Besides, people fear losing their dentures that could fall into the ocean during the fun. So, does that mean you can never enjoy snorkeling with dentures?

The Truth

There are many people, in fact seniors, who have a great deal of fun while snorkeling with their dentures. Remember, the snorkel isn’t sealed with your teeth; it’s rather sealed to your lips and gums. So, the truth is that your dentures should in no way, be an excuse to keep you from the joy of snorkeling. However you’ll always have to be a bit more careful while you’re making the most of this fun activity.

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