You may not be aware but did you know that sinus infections can sometimes be related to toothache. Basically, sinus infections

result from factors like allergic reactions, nasal obstructions or bodily infections. However, sometimes, these infections result from an infection in the maxillary tooth. If you’re having pain in your upper teeth, your pain may have a relation with a sinus infection. Sinus infections, if left untreated, can even cause problems in maintaining dental hygiene. They may even contribute to bad breath since sinus drainage tends to fall into your mouth.

Clinical Case Of Sinus Infections

This patient presented to our clinic propecia price recently and complained of pain on the upper posterior teeth on both sides. The patient had been considering removing the teeth as he had had some dull aches on both sides. The teeth had lost some bone support and there was signs of gum disease however these were ascertained not to the cause of the pain. The patient had mentioned that he had suffered from sinusitis in the past. We referred the patient to his GP and a course of treatment was commenced for his sinusitis. Within a few weeks his tooth ache had improved. The patient continued to see his regular dentist and was advised to complete a course of treatment for periodontal disease.

The Diagnosis of the condition

If your dentist wants to confirm whether your toothache is related to a sinus infection, he/she may carry out a percussion test by tapping on your individual teeth to determine the site or origin of the pain. If you have a sinus infection, the pain will most likely be felt in all of your teeth.

If chronic sinus infections aren’t treated for long, they may have an impact on your teeth. According to the dentists at Brighton Implant Clinic, you may find it hard to establish whether your sinus infection is related to toothache as the roots of your upper teeth have a close connection with the maxillary sinus cavities.

Based on the source and nature of nasal discomfort that is hurting your teeth, the treatment plan may involve use of nasal drops and medications along with proper dental treatment

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for repairing any affected areas in the mouth.

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