Raising a Baby with Good Oral and Overall Health

Did you know that you can help your child develop healthy teeth and gums at a very early age? It’s all about knowing the right thing to do and saving your child from dental problems in the future.

It all stems from diet

We are what we eat and the same goes for our teeth! Yes, your child’s diet is very important. Experts believe that breast milk can play the key role in optimal development during the first six months of a baby, which of course implies to your baby’s oral health and tooth development as well.  Not many parents know this but juice and other foods aren’t as important as breast milk. Replacing breast milk with solid foods is a big mistake, especially during the first year of your baby’s growth.

Don’t underestimate immunizations

Immunizations can play the key role in protecting your baby from serious illnesses, like the prevention of measles, hepatitis as well as whooping coughs. Make sure that you’re in consultation with your pediatrician for planning an immunization schedule to keep your child healthy.

Rules are for your baby’s own safety

Using a car seat for babies is not just law, but it’s actually an important step to make sure that your baby’s health isn’t compromised under any circumstances. When it comes to installing the seat, make sure you have comfort level and baby’s size in mind.

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