A cosmetic dentist is different from general dentist in that his or her focus is on improving the aesthetic quality of your teeth more than the prevention and treatment of disease. A cosmetic dentist provides you with a range of services from tooth whitening to full smile makeovers. Any dentist can provide these services, but an experienced cosmetic dentist has a deep background in performing these procedures and can achieve the maximum results.


One of the most important thing to do before going for cosmetic treatments is to look for a credible and competent dentist. The dentist should be a specialist and should be able to meet your needs in the best possible way. A dentist who has been in practice longer will have more experience, but that doesn't mean a less experienced dentist cannot provide decent results. The best way to determine if the dentist is competent is through patient referrals. Talk to patients in the office and ask the dentist for a list of patients who can answer questions for you.


A good cosmetic dentist should have a solid educational background. Cosmetic dentists learn their skills through fellowships and post-graduate programs. Your cosmetic dentist should be a member of an appropriate accrediting agency like the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. All dentists in the UK must also be registered with the General Dental Council.


For the best results, choose a dentist who has the most advanced equipment. Check around the clinic and see what technology is available. Be mindful about the condition and the types of equipment found in the diagnosis and sterilization area.


By taking care when choosing a cosmetic dentist, you can be sure you get the best possible outcome from your treatment.

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