What Do You Know About The Preparation of Dentures?

The entire process of making dentures takes around three weeks to a month or even more, which means that the treatment requires a couple of visits to the dentist’s office. After the most suitable treatment plan is discussed and finalized by the dentist and the patient, these necessary steps are taken:

  1. A series of impressions of the patient’s jaw are made while the dentist measures the condition and space between the jaws.
  2. Models, wax forms, along with plastic patterns are precisely created in the denture’s position and shape. The patient is asked to try the model a couple of times with the denture being assessed for shape, color as well as fit before casting the final denture.
  3. The next step is casting the denture.
  4. Further appointments may be required for adjusting the denture.

New dentures may appear loose or odd for a certain number of weeks unless the cheek muscles and tongue get used to keeping them in position and the wearer gets comfortable inserting as well as removing them. It’s also quite common for the wearer to experience irritation or soreness in the beginning of wearing dentures. These problems improve overtime as the mouth starts adjusting to the denture.

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