Why are pregnant women more probe to cavities? Let’s take a look as some of the factors.

The connection with the saliva

As compared to women, the production of saliva in women is slow. Saliva plays an important role in cleaning the teeth and disinfecting the mouth, each time you eat something. If the production of saliva is slowed down, this regular practice of removing food residue from the mouth is negatively affected . As a result, the affected person develops xerostomiaor or dry mouth.

At the time of pregnancy, there is a change in the chemical composition of saliva, as a result of which, the antimicrobial capacity is decreased. So, there is a rise in the probability of developing tooth decay.

The irresistible temptations

A majority of women have this problem of an increase in food temptations every now and then- especially during pregnancy and stages of hormonal changes. These cravings are typically meant for sweet, high-energy, spicy or fatty foods. This particularly occurs when women are in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Most women crave for high-energy drinks that react with sugar in the mouth and cause cavities.

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