Poor Oral Hygiene Linked With Poor Diet

Let’s discuss how poor oral hygiene is linked with a poor diet. Foods that have high sugar content are among the major causes of gum inflammation and cavities. Many of us busy workaholics skip breakfast and pick up a cup of coffee and a doughnut when commuting to our office. But do you know that this quick breakfast habit can cause you to spend a fortune on dental procedures.


The amount of sugar found in doughnuts have been associated with an increased risk for cavities and gum inflammation Moreover, the cream and sugar in your favorite coffee can directly affect the amount of bacteria responsible for causing cavities. According to a specially trained dental professional at Brighton Implant Clinic, coffee contains tannins that can etch into the grooves and pits of your tooth enamel, creating a rough and stained surface.

 Gum disease and diabetes

The question is: How can we prevent our teeth from receiving this sugar bath every day? Well the best answer would be to cut back on sugary doughnuts and coffee and try to get a normal, healthy breakfast every morning. But, if it is very hard to cut back on sugary foods, if you try to eat the sugary food quickly it will limit the time for bacteria to attack the sugar. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water or brush your teeth after wards.


Make a habit of drinking sugarless black coffee to cut back on cream and sugar. One effective way of steer clear of cavities and other gum infections is to include fruits and vegetables in your breakfast.

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