Can We ‘Speed Up’ Healing In Dental Implant Treatment.

Dental implant treatment is a predictable and safe solution to replace missing or damaged teeth. The treatment involves placing of small titanium screws into the jaw bone in order to support a single tooth, a bridge or secure a denture. Generally the treatment takes a few months to complete as the implants need to heal fully in the jaw bone. While discussing treatment with patients we often get asked if it is possible to speed up healing after the implants have been placed. Some dental implant manufacturers have implant surfaces which claim to induce a faster healing reaction like SLActive from Straumann. Other techniques exist where by the patients own blood is utilised through a technical process to make Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

So what is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a technological procedure which involves the formulation and use of the patient’s own blood plasma. The PRP is therefore 100% biocompatible and safe to use in dental implant surgery. PRP contains growth factors, which are essential proteins in the process of cell proliferation and differentiation, extracellular matrix synthesis, remodelling and tissue regeneration. The proteins within PRP emit signals that accelerate the repair of damaged tissues by 40% over a period of time less than that obtained with traditional treatments

The protocol for obtaining and processing of platelet rich plasma involves the collection of blood of the same patient. The blood is prepared through a process to form a yellowish gel like clot substance which is PRP. There are different types of formulations,


PRP liquid formulation.

This can be used to enhance the surface of the implant with PRP in order to stimulate bone growth around the implant. PRP can speed up the healing by 40% when compared to traditional treatment protocols.


Activated liquid platelet rich plasma becomes a fibrin clot after 3-5 minutes. This gel like clot can be inserted into extraction sockets to promote healing, can be used in conjunction with other biomaterials to graft bone.


Therapeutic Applications

Its application is widespread in different areas of medicine. Platelet rich growth factors similar in concept to PRP is used in chronic wound healing, sports injuries and orthopaedic surgery. Oral surgery and implantology use PRP in order to regenerate bone tissue around the implants and thus reduce consolidation time with a better bone and adjacent soft tissue regeneration. Also in post-extraction defects and bone graft are used as filling and sealing of the defects. In Brighton implant clinic we use PRGF by BTI dental implant systems, for obtaining platelet rich plasma in order to obtain optimum results in the surgical treatments which are performed.

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