6 Rules for a Painless Denture-Wearing Process


Here are 6 rules for a painless denture-wearing process that will make you enjoy you dentures.


Rule # 1

Always consult your dentist for having the new dentures adjusted after a couple of weeks of wearing them. Did you know that your bones and gums continue shrinking as they’re healing after tooth extraction?


Rule # 2

You should also talk to your dentist regarding the matter of relining the dentures. Remember that new dentures may need certain adjustments in the form of relining after your gums have healed.


Rule # 3

It is better to have your dentist take a look at the older dentures. In most cases, clicking and slipping of the dentures and signs like gum irritation mean that something is wrong. Dentures that don’t fit well often lead to painful oral conditions and infections. And your dentist is the only person to consult to if an adjustment or relining is needed.


Rule # 4

Always talk to your dentist about any problems with your dentures- especially the reddening of gums under the dentures. This usually points toward a problem like stomatitis.


Rule # 5

You may consider applying a topical oral pain-reliever on the gums for alleviating pain. Don’t forget to get approval from your dentist before using any pain-relieving ointment.


Rule # 6

Lastly, the most important part of the whole process is proper management of dentures for making sure that their shape is retained. Keep your dentures from drying out by placing them in a container of water, when not in use.


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