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Most patients don’t put much thought into the dental laboratory when they go for treatment. While most patients may never see the lab or meet the technicians, the dental laboratory often plays a crucial role in the treatment process. These are the professionals that are responsible for things like making crowns, bridges, dentures, and other dental appliances.

Most dental clinics send this work out to an outside lab that is an independent business of its own. At Brighton Implant Clinic, we recognise the importance of quality lab work and that is why we operate our own dental laboratories with skilled professionals we know and have worked with for many years.

Our lab first opened in the basement of our Hove branch with a staff of three technicians. With the success we have seen over the subsequent years, our lab has expanded to a larger facility in Hove with a staff of sixteen and a second location in Worthing with a staff of four. This allows us to handle all of our lab work in-house and we believe that our dental labs make it possible for us to offer a range of benefits to our patients.

Better Service

To put it as simply as possible, having an onsite dental laboratory allows us to serve our patients better. Our dentists and lab technicians have been working with each other for years. They know each other, they can discuss treatment plans face-to-face and they can work out any issues as a team. This system helps to create a better workflow to ensure the best result for every patient.

Our dentists can also work with the lab to prioritise cases based on the needs of the patient. This is why we can offer treatment options like same day teeth. If you lose your dentures and need a new set right away, we can have a set of acrylic dentures ready in just a few hours. If you are getting dental implant treatment, our lab can also have a provisional crown or bridge ready so you can walk out with new teeth that same day.

Having an onsite lab can be good for patients that might need a restoration adjusted in some way. As an example, let’s say there is an issue with the look or fit of a dental prosthetic. Since we have an in-house lab, the adjustments can usually be done right away. This type of service might not be available at other clinics that send their lab work out to a third party.

Advanced Technology

CAD/CAM software and milling machines.

We have made considerable investments in some of the most advanced technologies for dental laboratory work. This allows us to work with a wide range of materials and to select from a range of processes depending on the needs of the patient.

With our CAD/CAM department, we can create restorations using materials like zirconia and e.max. Using these materials and state of the art software, our technicians can create dental restorations that offer a look that is as close to natural teeth as possible and the materials are incredibly strong. With zirconia and e.max, our patients get better results than could be achieved with older materials and techniques.

Our dental labs have also started working with 3D printing. This technology allows us to print models for implant treatment, orthodontics and other dental treatments. This provides better precision and predictability for dental implant treatment and with the models for orthodontic aligners, we can map the movement of teeth with much greater accuracy.

As another advantage to having an onsite lab, all of the patient models are saved in our digital workflow. With the models on record, we can mill new restorations months or even years after the initial treatment. If a restoration does break or need to be replaced for any reason, we can pull up the files and create a replacement in less time and in a way that is more convenient to the patient. This is another advantage that is available to our patients because we run our own dental labs.

In addition to working on things like crowns, bridges, dentures, and veneers, our dental labs also work to create a range of specialty appliances for our patients. We offer orthodontic aligners, orthodontic retainers, whitening trays, night guards, and sports guards.

Convenience and Comfort

Smiling patient with comfortable replacement teeth.

At Brighton Implant Clinic, we not only want to provide patients with the best care possible, but we also want to offer the best in both convenience and comfort for our patients. Having an in-house dental laboratory plays a key role in providing convenient, high-quality care, and we go out of our way to make sure every patient is comfortable through every step of the process.

To achieve this level of convenience and comfort, we have a full-time driver working for our clinics. Our driver can make sure restorations and other materials make it from the lab and to the clinic. Even if you go to one of our clinics that does not have a lab on location, you can benefit from the services of our dental laboratories.

We also have facilities where our patients can wait in comfort as their restorations are made. You won’t have to leave and come back and we offer comfortable seating and a television for you to watch as you wait.

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Brighton Implant Clinic offers an array of dental implant procedures and cosmetic treatments to cover a wide range of aesthetic concerns. With our dental laboratories, we can meet the highest standards for dental restorations while also making the experience more convenient and more comfortable for the patient. Contact our support team to schedule an appointment today.

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      Good morning Charlie.

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