Here are some oral health tips for diabetics. For the sufferers, diabetes results in the buildup of excess cholesterol in the bloodstream. And when you also have an untreated gum infection, the condition worsens and the bacteria from your affected gums make their way into the bloodstream. As a result, your arteries are clogged at a much faster rate.

Therefore, looking after teeth and gum health is extremely important for diabetics, which also calls for frequent visits to a professional dentist.

Proper tooth brushing

Did you know that brushing your teeth regularly is just as important as using a quality toothbrush for the brushing routine? Ideally, your toothbrush should have soft nylon bristles that come with rounded ends. The application should always be gentle and your toothbrush must feel comfortable in your hand.

What to look for in your toothpaste?

You should consider using toothpaste that has fluoride since it plays an important role in strengthening your teeth. Using an anti-bacterial mouthwash is also good for oral health.

Food Restrictions for Oral Hygiene
Your diet controls both your oral and overall health. If you take a balanced diet and avoid sugary foods, you’ll not only be sparing your teeth but you’ll also be keeping your blood sugar levels under control. Avoid smoking as well since it tends to speed up the development of gum disease, which eventually leads to tooth loss.

How Dentists Can Help

It is important that you visit your dentist at least every six months so that serious dental issues can be prevented. At Brighton Implant Centre, our dentists conduct through examinations in order to detect and treat any oral infection. We understand that even a minor dental problem can escalate. Our professional dentists try to address all concerns of our patients while giving advice on issues as common as selecting the right type of toothbrush or toothpaste.

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