Did you know that overlooking oral care can invite a great deal of trouble during your pregnancy? Let’s examine how are oral care and pregnancy related. Permanent health issues for your baby may occur as a result of the ignorance of tooth issues during pregnancy.

Many people don’t know this but pregnancy can make tooth issues worse, causing gum diseases as well as toothaches. According to the dentists at Brighton Implant Clinic, pregnancy causes a boost in mouth acidity , which eventually leads to an increase in the chances of developing cavities as well as tooth decay. Morning sickness doesn’t only add to to the issue but it also increases tooth exposure to gastric acid. This sickness often encourages pregnant women to skip brushing their teeth, which is injurious to oral hygiene. Similarly, changes in hormonal levels worsen inflammation if experiencing gum disease. Irritations like tartar development can lead to pregnancy tumors or gum tissue overgrowth.

It is important to understand that dental problems negatively affect your baby while causing problems in pregnancy. Tooth issues also have a connection with high blood pressure during pregnancy. Babies with low birth weight have greater chances of developing complications like respiratory issues, brain bleeding , vision problems as well as illnesses.

Basic care plays an important role in preventing dental issues while you’re pregnant. Brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush following meal is just as important as flossing nightly. Chewing sugar-free gum following meals can be highly effective in increasing the production of saliva as well as warding off the growth of bacteria. A fluoride-based mouthwash should also be used on a regular basis.

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