Here are some ideas to deal with oral care for children with Autism. Being a parent or caretaker of special children is not an easy job. And when you’re upbringing an autistic child, things can be a lot more challenging. What many parents aren’t aware of is the fact that children with autism need the same kind of oral care that a regular child would need. For example, the germs causing cavities could pass from parent to child. So making sure not to kiss the infant on the lip or sharing foods is very important.

Here are a couple of things that can be done to ensure that an autistic child maintains good oral health:

  • Cleaning the baby’s mouth earlier on and encouraging regular tooth brushing is extremely important- especially when the child’s first tooth starts erupting.
  • The child shouldn’t be allowed to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice.
  • Talk to your dentist at Brighton Implant Clinic about giving a fluoride supplement to your child.
  • Your child should have regular dental check-ups as soon as he turns one year old. This will help him overcome any fears of dental visits from a young age.
  • Encourage flossing as soon as your child’s teeth begin touching each other.
  • Always try to give your child healthy foods instead of offering sugary foods as treats or rewards.

No doubt, children with autism need special care at home. This job does require determination as well as perseverance on the parent’s end but what you get in return is worth your efforts.

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