You may be wondering how does nutrition deficiency affect your oral health. What many people don’t know or seem to understand is the fact that bacteria present in their mouths are actively busy in converting the foods consumed into acids, particularly sugars along with starches. Now, these bacteria, food particles, acid as well as saliva form a combination that results in the development of plaque. If plaque isn’t removed, the acids will keep dissolving the enamel on your teeth surface, eventually resulting in cavities. The nutritional deficiency in your body will not only increase plaque but it’ll also boost your chances of developing dental caries.

Mucin is a special protein that constitutes the saliva in your mouth. This protein plays an important role in preventing the erosion of your tooth enamel. You need to have vitamin A for effective formation of mucin as a deficiency in this vitamin will increase your chances of developing dental caries. Your body also needs sufficient amounts of vitamin C for creating collagen that forms tooth dentin. Having calcium along with vitamin D is essential in terms of mineralizing strong bones as well as teeth. If your body has a deficiency of these vitamins, you’re at increased risk of having dental caries.

Calcium is of course an extremely important mineral that helps structure the formation of teeth. After the teeth have fully developed, there isn’t any change in their composition later on. Dietary mineral deficiencies may result in the weakening of the structural integrity of developing teeth while predisposing them to dental caries.

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