A Mouthguard is an appliance composed of plastic and is worn in recreational and athletic activities to protect the teeth from injury or trauma. According to an experienced dentist at Brighton Implant Clinic, people participating in sport activities should always wear mouth-guards to protect their mouth from injuries.

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A mouthguard can be worn to prevent serious injuries like jaw fractures, cerebral hemorrhages, neck injuries and incidents of unconsciousness. Sports that involve contact with hard surfaces or competing with other participants can lead to serious mouth injuries. Wearing a mouth guard while playing would be an effective measure to prevent trauma to the mouth. People participating in soccer, martial arts, basketball, football, soft ball, wrestling, lacrosse, in-line skating, rugby as well as recreational sports like cycling and skateboarding should always wear mouth guards.

It is very important for parents to make sure that their kids are wearing mouth guards while competing in sports that have the potential for dental injuries.

Types of Mouthguards

Stock mouthguard:

This type of mouthguard is the most affordable but provides the least protection as the fit adjustment of this mouth guard is limited. A stock mouthguard might interfere with breathing and speech because it requires your jaw to be closed in order to hold it in place.

Mouth-formed protectors:

Mouth-formed protectors are available as a “boil-and-bite” and shell-liner product. The lining material of the protector molds and fits the teeth when placed in the mouth.

Custom-made mouth protectors:

Custom-made mouth protectors are the best types of mouth guards. These protectors are specially made by a dentist and they not only provide the best protection and comfort but also fit your teeth well.

How to Take Care of a Mouthguard

Here are some of the tips for taking care of your mouth guard:

  • Keep your mouthguard clean by washing it with warm water and soap
  • Soak the mouthguard in mouthwash before storing it in a plastic storage box. Store it in a plastic box that is well-ventilated in order to let it dry
  • Never leave your mouthguard in direct sunlight as heat isn’t good for mouthg uards
  • Don’t even think about wearing somebody Else’s mouth guard

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