Eating With a Lower Denture

Eating with a lower denture can take some time to adjust to. It can be really challenging and time-consuming to adjust to your new dentures. However, with patience, proper management and dental consultation, the process can be way more comfortable.

 Have a mood for soft food

 Always stick to your dentist’s advice of starting with soft foods when using the lower dentures for eating. A good idea would be cutting your food into small pieces for ensuring comfortable chewing.

Chew it slowly

You’ll have to have a slow approach, when it comes to chewing your food.  An ideal approach would be using the two mouth sides for preventing the denture from slipping.

 Use your muscles

The muscles in your cheek and tongue can be used for ensuring that your dentures are in place while you’re chewing. Lower dentures tend to slip as your mouth makes movement. You can deal with this problem by retraining your muscles.

Things to make it easier

Try placing your tongue on the denture’s inner surface while eating. If the tongue is moving around a lot, your denture will certainly be moving. Another idea is to use the centre of the mouth for biting as this keeps your dentures from slipping over the ridge of the gums.

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