Did you know that there is a tiny amount of tissue that is responsible for holding the baby teeth in place? You may have observed many children habitually wiggling a loose tooth with their tongue or fingers. This wiggling could be all it takes for the tooth to eventually fall out. So, how can you help a child with a loose tooth?

Pulling it Out

If a baby tooth is just slightly loose, it should be left alone unless more of the root starts dissolving. However, if a tooth is extremely loose but doesn’t come out, parents may help their child pull that tooth out. A tissue or a piece of gauze can be used for grasping the tooth firmly. As it is pulled, the tooth should be given a quick twist.

Looking for Signs of Problems

At times, there are certain fragments of the root that don’t dissolve completely and start breaking off and therefore, left in the tissue. The small fragments typically work their way out eventually. But the piece remaining in the tissue can be a cause of swelling, painful sensations, redness or other problems in the mouth. So, make sure that you watch out for any signs indicating a problem like that.

Lastly, make sure that your child gets examined by a qualified dentist, which will help you determine the right ways of maintaining good oral hygiene practices for your child’s well-being.

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