It’s My Child’s First Dental Visit

What many parents don’t seem to understand is the fact that their children’s oral health is just as important as their physical well-being. Once you’ve realized the importance of taking your child to the dental office, it is essential to make him/her understand that dental visits are fun and there is nothing to be scared or worried about. It’s normal for children to fear dental visits, but things get fine as your child develops a relationship with the dentist and becomes familiar with the cooperative staff at the dental clinic.


The ideal time to take your child for a dental check up

Experts suggest that children should ideally get an oral examination as soon as they turn three years old.  This is the time when the primary teeth are in the mouth with the child being at the earliest age to cooperate with the dentist during the examination. Although it’s a good idea to take the child to the dental office at the age of three, it is even better to make your child have a dental examination as soon as the first tooth erupts, which means that the child should be taken to the dentist when he/she is six to seven months old. Of course, this wouldn’t mean that a six-month old would be examined in that chair at the dental office; rather it would involve taking a look at what’s happening in the child’s mouth and giving useful advice on the maintenance of oral health.


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