The Role of the Dental Laboratory in Dentistry


The In House Dental Laboratory and Its Effects on Your Dental Experience

Most patients probably don’t think of the importance of a dental laboratory in their treatment process. It is the setting in which dental technicians craft prosthetics that are customized to a patient’s needs and teeth or oral specifications. Even if we don’t think of the laboratory’s importance, on this basis it’s clear that the dental laboratory plays a big role in a patient’s dental care.


What may be surprising, though, are the other ways -- aside from prosthetic construction -- that the dental laboratory can impact your treatment experience. And that’s where a small but influential detail becomes significant: the location of the dental laboratory (whether off-site or in the same building as the dental clinic) also plays a big part in the quality of care you will receive.


Specifically, the laboratory’s location will determine your treatment’s timing, effectiveness, and efficiency. An in-house laboratory clearly offers you more distinct advantages than does an off-site location.


But what exactly are these benefits? Let’s look at them in depth below.



The In-House Dental Laboratory and Your Treatment Experience


Consider the following benefits:


The In House Dental Laboratory


1) You’re able to receive your treatment more quickly.

Having the laboratory in the same building as the dentistry practice allows for faster treatment completion time. You won’t have to wait for it to be shipped and received from an outside location, ultimately cutting down on how long your treatment will take and your acquiring a new, bright smile. An onsite laboratory is able to make provisional crowns and Dental Bridges for Dental Implant Treatment immediately following implant surgery. This is

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